Auxiliary systems in Thermal Power Plants

Mastering a variety of technologies permits Rudis to implement various, technically demanding auxiliary systems of Thermal Power Plants.

Specific requirements for electrical energy generating in Thermal Power Plants necessitate implementation of diversified auxiliary systems, such as transport, treatment and storage of residues as well as removal of dust particles from the flue gas.

  • Systems for preparation and transport of by-products normally comprise the following sections:
    • Transport of slag, which includes transport of slag from slag scraper conveyor in boiler house of power plant to screening – crushing plant for slag and screening and crushing of the slag itself, storage of slag in slag silo and feeding on disposing conveyor
    • Transport in electrostatic precipitator chutes of collected ash from electrostatic precipitator and rough ash from boiler house to ash silo.
    • Drying and storage of gypsum in gypsum silo and feeding gypsum into mixer or filling tank cars / car cisterns for sale.
    • Gypsum transport from gypsum silo to mixers, storage of ash, discharge from ash silo, mixing ash with gypsum / suspension underneath ash silo and feeding stabilizer onto disposing conveyor.
  • Transport of slag and stabilizer from silos to intermediate stockpile with conveyor.

Transport systems for transport of coal, ash and stabilizer comprise pipe conveyors, conveyor belts, crushers, transfer stations)


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