At Rudis we ensure our compliance with the requirements of the internationally renowned standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 through diligent operations and our own knowledge, which is confirmed every year by external auditors of international auditing body Bureau Veritas.


We put an important emphasis on timely identification and management of risks at all levels of our business and on timely discovery of business opportunities and development of our company. Important guideline of our operating is satisfaction of our employers, owners, employees, contractors and other interested parties.


Management, process owners and system owners are responsible for control of management systems.  We make plans with care for quality, environmental management and health and safety in all business processes.

Already during the project planning phase we think about installation of the highest quality materials, as minimal negative environmental impacts as possible and overall safety, during execution of works, as well as during later use and decommissioning of facility after the end of its life cycle.


In the company Rudis, as well as all of its subcontractors perform works with competent and qualified personnel in compliance with legal and other requirements. With constant supervision by members of project team, we exercise care for timely recognition and elimination of identified irregularities.


With the objective of continual improvement of our services, operating of the company and management systems, we regularly and proactively monitor our operations, identify risks and opportunities to take action in timely manner.

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