Rudis is the leading engineering company in Slovenia, specialized in contracting engineering in the field of energetics, ecology, industry and special technologies.

This scope includes Thermo- and Hydro-Power Plants, Heating Plants, Combined Cool, Heat and Power (CCHP) Plants  for combined generating of electrical energy, heat and cool, communal waste depots and thermal treatment of waste, various transport systems and systems for collecting, treatment and depositing of products (fly ash, slag, gypsum from Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) Plants, coal, ores,…). Rationalization and optimization of investment procedures is one of the key tasks of good engineering. Consequently Rudis has been collaborating with clients in all project phases enabling faster development and realization of a new investment as well as mastering of complex problems of the existing investments. By means of own resources and resources of subcontractors and suppliers Rudis implements all phases of projects, from project documentation elaboration, construction, equipment delivery and assembly, commission/start-up, testing and trial run, to training of the client’s staff and follow up of the plant during the guarantee and post-guarantee period.

Rudis' contracting engineering is a universe of various knowledge and skills.

Rudis’ engineers with their knowledge of managing complex projects, experience and competences, assure an integral and professional approach to investment realization and simultaneously provide inter-compatibility of individual technological units as well as functionality of a plant as a whole. Team work of Rudis' specialists of various professions and development orientation in all business processes enable high professionalism and quality performance of works within the agreed terms and firmly guarantee to its clients successful implementation of projects.


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