Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plants

Professional competences and longstanding experience range Rudis among the leading Bidders on the market.

Combined heat and power generation (CHP), called also cogeneration, has already become a very widespread form of efficient use of fuels. And lately also combined generating of cool, in addition to heat and electricity, called trigeneration, is more and more frequently practiced. An essential characteristic of combined generating is higher efficiency of fuels and thus also higher economy of production and lower environmental burdening.

Heating Plants are becoming an important producer of electrical energy.

Due to its expertise and experience Rudis is always able to conceive a project tailored to the Employer. Rudis has been constructing CHP Plants of various capacities and for different types of fuels.   Construction of CHP Plants includes:  

  • determination of optimum size of the plant on the basis of elaborated heat consumption diagrams,
  • elaboration of project and technical documentation as well as necessary reports & studies,
  • siting or locating (existing Boiler House, new Boiler House),
  • obtainment of approvals and realisation of administrative procedures: building permit obtainment and participation in technical inspection,


  • determination of auxiliary systems: ventilation, intercooling and emergency cooling, circulation pumps, anti-explosion protection and fire detection, ...,
  • production of the Central Supervisory And Information Control System, and Reporting System,
  • transformer station installation and connection to the electric power network,
  • reconstruction of the existing Boiler House or construction of the new Boiler House,
  • delivery and assembly of the CHPP and all auxiliary systems: pumps, ventilation, intercooling and emergency cooling, measurements, anti-explosion protection and fire detection systems, ...,
  • performance of testing, commissioning, synchronisation, measurements and trial run,
  • assistance to the Employer at remedy of defects and equipment servicing also after expiry of the guarantee period.


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