Modernization of the primary energy supply and installation of the CCHP Plant in the General Hospital Celje

Rudis, as a recognized specialist in designing and construction of up-to-date facilities for efficient energy use, constructed the Combined Cool, Heat and Power (CCHP) Plant or Trigeneration Unit in the General Hospital Celje

The European Union has set clear objectives in the field of climate changes and energy, and one of them is to reduce energy consumption by improving energy efficiency. At energy supply planning the primary energy of the engine fuel should be exploited to the greatest possible extent and maxim quantity of heat, power and cool generated.   Efficiency of combined generating of heat and power can be improved by additional integration of absorption coolers and so the excess heat produced in the transitional and summer period can be used for drive of the absorption chiller. The General Hospital Celje started the energy-saving restoration of its buildings already in the year 2010, namely by roof covering replacement and insulation of the attic, replacement of all windows and doors, replacement of all electrical-mechanical installations and construction of the new façade cladding.

Cogeneration is the most efficient mode of energy exploitation of fossil fuels

On January 11th, 2013 Rudis, as the most favourable Bidder on the public Invitation for Bids, signed the Contract with Splošna bolnišnica Celje for modernization of the primary energy supply and installation of the CCHP Plant for combined generating of cool, heat and power.

Splošna bolnišnica Celje
Completion date:
Scope of works:

Modernization of the primary energy supply with installation of the CCHP Plant

Description of works:

Contractual works comprised reconstruction of the boiler house including replacement of steam boilers, replacement of the heating station steam-water and auxiliary systems in the boiler house. Within boiler house the CCHP Plant, consisting of two Cogeneration Units for combined generation of power and heat, was installed in the previous room for the heating gas oil tank. In winter time the generated heat is used for heating of premises and sanitary water preparation. And in summer time the heat is led into the absorption chiller producing chilled water 6/12oC for the needs of hospital premises cooling. The generated power is used for proper needs of the hospital and eventual surplus power is supplied to the electric power network.

In addition to that also all heating sub-stations of the hospital were replaced by a new advanced regulation system. In the scope of project also a new Central Supervisory and Information Control System was established and it provides for optimum operation of the complete energy system in the hospital.

All contractual works were completed within a period of eight months from induction, and implementation itself was extremely demanding, as normal performing of hospital activities had to be non-disrupted. The scope of Rudis’ contractual works comprises also a 10-year maintenance and servicing of the CCHP Plant.

Technical data:

  • Qelectricity: 2 x 499 kW
  • Qheat (temperature mode operation 70/90oC): 2 x 595 kW
  • Qheat (temperature mode operation 75/105oC): 2 x 573 kW
  • Qcool (temperature mode operation 90/70oC): 858 kW
  • Qcool (temperature mode operation 105/75oC): 861 kW
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