Ecological projects

Awareness of significance of environmental protection encouraged development of new technologies.

The social attitude towards the environment is changing very fast, so also the standards of admissible are changing very fast as regards industrial emissions into the environment or waste management. Rudis is aware of significance of environmental protection and for this reason on all projects endeavours to introduce technologies supporting consistent and environment-friendly economic development. Even more, in the scope of its Development Strategy Rudis is focused on some technologies which considerably decrease environmental burdening.

One of the most important technologies developed by Rudis in this field is flue gas treatment.

Rudis introduces technologies considerably decreasing environmental burdening.

In addition to Flue Gas Desulphurisation (FGD) Plants Rudis has also been implementing the facilities for removal of dust particles from flue gases, communal and industrial treatment plants, and plants for treatment, storage and thermal treatment of non-hazardous waste.


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