Efficient use of energy

Rational use of energy is one of sustainable development bases

Technological and economic development result in constantly increased energy demand, whereas the traditional sources of energy are getting more and more limited and development of alternative sources of energy still cannot keep pace with the new needs. Consequently energy saving is inevitable and efficient energy use an economic necessity.

Rudis follows modern energy challenges.

For one of its key technological orientations Rudis selected construction of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plants for combined generating of thermal and electrical energy, more and more frequently appearing as an alternative possibility of covering the energy needs.

Combined heat and power generation, called also cogeneration, assures greater efficiency of fuels and thus lower environmental burdening. Construction of Combined Heat and Power Plants for generating of heat and power, and lately also cool (Combined Cool, Heat and Power (CCHP) Plants  for trigeneration), will also in the future be one of the most important activities of Rudis. Furthermore, Rudis is a renowned specialist in designing and construction of advanced boiler houses using biomass or other fuels as energy-generating product.


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