For contracting engineering each new industrial plant is a particular challenge.

Construction of industrial plants on turnkey principle or according to the "product into the hands" system has a long tradition in Rudis. Rudis’ experts have gained a lot of valuable experience and also specific professional knowledge in designing and construction of industrial plants. So in many branches of industry they act as consultants, supervisors or contractors in charge of the total investment – from preparation, designing, construction, technological equipment delivery and assembly, to putting into operation, training of the user’s staff as well as guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance.

Understanding of various technologies represents the basis of contracting engineering in industry.

The most advanced technological know-how and environment-friendly technologies included by Rudis’ experts in project schemes are upgraded by original solutions and excellent coordination among all contractors involved in the project. Ability to manage demanding investment projects is one of the most important competitive advantages of Rudis.


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