Flue gas treatment

Rudis is one of the leading Bidders of construction of the Flue Gas Desulphurization Plants in the Europe


Modern thermal power plants strive to reduce burden on environment to the greatest possible extent. Content of SO2 in flue gas is alongside dust particles the most important ecological parameter of generating electrical energy in thermal power plant which  use coal as energy source. Rudis has extensive experience in the field of constructing flue gas desulphurization plants on the basis of wet calcite process.

Rudis constructed the first plant in Europe that assures up to 99,75 % efficiency for removal of sulphur oxides from flue gas

With extensive experience and continuous modernization of technology, Rudis reaches great results in flue gas treatment. In 600MW Unit 6 at Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant, Rudis constructed flue gas desulphurization plant which at flue gas flow 2.100.000 Nm3/h with SO2 content 8.200 mg/Nm3 (dry, 6% O2) reaches 20-30 mg/Nm3 (dry, 6% O2) SO2 content at outlet from the plant. With these kinds of performance results, this is technologically one of the most perfected flue gas desulphurization plants in large power plants in Europe.

Improvements that ensure more than 99 % removal of SO2 from flue gas were patented by RUDIS at the European Patent Office.

Construction of flue gas treatment plants comprises:

  • Defining optimum technological solutions: calculation of mass balances, CFD modelling, defining main technological equipment (pumps, blowers, agitators, nozzles...),
  • Elaboration of project and technical documentation and required studies,
  • Siting,
  • obtaining consents and execution of administrative procedures: obtaining the building permit and  execution of technical inspection,
  • Defining auxiliary systems: ventilation, heating, fire detection, maintenance lifts, ...,
  • Design of control system (SCADA) with archiving data,
  • Fabrication, supply and erection of facility with equipment: absorber, steel structures, silos, pumps, blowers, agitators, lifts, transport and conveying equipment, electrical equipment, auxiliary systems, ...,
  • Execution of testing, commissioning, performance guarantee measurements and trial run,
  • Assistance to the Client at elimination of faults and servicing the equipment even after expiration of warranty period


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