Stage mechanical equipment for the Ljubljana Opera House

Upon completion of phase I of the stage mechanical equipment RUDIS signed with the Employer the Ministry of Culture also the Contract for implementation of the second phase including superstructure of the stage mechanical equipment. Works comprised four stage lifts which enable the Opera House the transportation of the scenery equipment and performances from the lower stage and additional installing of fly lines in the upper stage, including electrification of the portal bridge, which altogether permits arranging of the most up-to-date scenes and performing of all kind of shows.

Equipment start-up was followed by training of the User’s staff for equipment handling and operation, and a one-year trial run.

Vlada RS, Ministrstvo za kulturo RS
Completion date:
Scope of works:

Elaboration of project and workshop documentation, supply and assembly of the stage mechanical equipment - phase 1 and 2, orchestra pit, below stage, above stage and behind stage, control, start-up and setting of the equipment, training of the User's staff and one year trial run.

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