By own know-how and selected strategic partnerships Rudis creates a unique universe of technological solutions.

We live in the world where dynamics is dictated by technological development and innovativeness represents the highest value. Rudis thoughtfully selects technologies for development of its activities. Priority is given to technologies interesting from the market point of view, and a particular attention is paid to early identification of the market needs. The latest achievements in a particular technology, realised by Rudis’ developing of its own know-how and in collaboration with foreign strategic partners, assure the competitive advantage. And Rudis’ high technological culture, which in addition to wide and in-depth knowledge includes also innovativeness, consistency and reliability in all project implementation phases, is of decisive importance. Part of the aforementioned culture is also the unified record of technologies, by which Rudis ensures an adequate protection of the achieved knowledge and enables knowledge transfer to younger generations of experts.

Rudis provides comprehensive services at implementation of projects from the concept to the guarantee period expiry.

Contracting engineering is an integrated system of inter-linked procedures which influence the final quality of an implemented project. Therefore Rudis assures comprehensive services to its Employers, from project concept and selection of the appropriate technology to commissioning, regular operation and servicing during the whole life expectancy. Mastering of technologies is the basis of modern engineering, so Rudis’ staff continually undergoes education and training. By means of team work and experience exchange the complete Rudis’ know-how is available to any project at any time.


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