Efficient energy use

Rudis is an established Contractor for designing and construction of the state-of-the-art facilities for efficient energy use.


In the modern society the provision of sufficient sources of energy and their efficient use represent an important economic and environmental challenge. Next to development of alternative sources of energy a considerable portion of development endeavours is oriented towards ensuring the efficient use of the existing energy sources and thus lower environmental burdening.

Rudis has valuable reference projects in the field of cogeneration and trigeneration.


Rudis follows the contemporary energy challenges. In the last decade Rudis focused on implementation of new technologies in the field of combined generating of thermal and electrical energy and in the field of construction of Boiler Houses. Technologies are adjusted to various types of fuels, mainly to the natural gas and wood biomass. As a particularity also the facilities using gas from the municipal waste water treatment plants and organic waste depots as energy-generating product are worth mentioning.


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