Remain leading in the field of contracting engineering in Slovenia, with an emphasis on the field of energetics with ecology, and strengthen the role on strategic markets.

Rudis has been building its international reputation for more than sixty years.




By offering high professionalism and quality of designing, consulting and executive services in the field of energetics, ecology and particular segments of industry we meet expectations and requirements both of our clients and

of the environment; thus we enhance confidence in the Rudis trademark, which is our obligation towards clients, collaborators, owners and company as a whole.



By high technological culture, creativeness of the staff and reliability at implementation of projects Rudis has been developing its professional competences and international reputation of its trademark for more than sixty years. Rudis’ employees have been establishing good partnerships with business partners due to their high level of commitment to the company and exemplary mutual relations. Rudis’ culture represents one of the greatest competitive advantages of the company.


CODE OF CONDUCT of the company RUDIS defines the fundamental principles and rules of conduct of everyone employed in the company RUDIS.


  • We value our good name, so we are a correct trustworthy partner.
  • We value our customers, so we do not make compromises on quality.
  • We value our co-workers and their diversity, so we invest in their development and motivate them.
  • We value our suppliers, so we establish long-term and correct relations with them. 



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