Fly ash systems, cyclones, bag filters

Removal of dust particles from the flue gas is of great importance for the environment.

Rudis has rich experience in the field of implementation of ecology projects in thermo-energetics, mainly in the flue gas treatment domain. Besides the advanced technology for flue gas desulphurization Rudis masters also removal of dust particles from the flue gas by means of electrostatic precipitators, cyclones and bag filters.

In the concept of projects Rudis includes the technologies reducing environmental burdening.

  Construction of systems includes:

  • determination of optimum equipment dimensions,
  • elaboration of project and technical documentation as well as necessary reports & studies,
  • siting or locating,


  • obtainment of approvals and realisation of administrative procedures: building permit obtainment and participation in technical inspection,
  • determination of auxiliary systems: residues collecting, feeding systems, dedusting, ventilation, compressed air, anti-explosion protection, fire detection, ….,
  • production of the Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) System,
  • fabrication, delivery and assembly of the plant including the equipment: steel structures, silos, transport & conveying equipment, electrical equipment, auxiliary systems, ...,
  • performance of testing, commissioning, guarantee measurements and trial run,
  • assistance to the Employer at remedy of defects and equipment servicing also after expiry of the guarantee period


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