Preparation and transport of residues for the new 600 MW Unit 6 in the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant

Construction of the system for preparation and transport of residues of Unit 6 is a complex and demanding Lot as regards implementation of auxiliary systems of the new Thermal Power Plant

For reliable energy supply in the Republic of Slovenia a new 600 MW power Unit, called Unit 6, will be constructed in the Šoštanj Thermal Power Plant. Construction is comprehensive so that the Employer divided the Invitation for Bids into several autonomous Lots.

Successfully completed reference projects enabled Rudis to obtain, in addition to construction of the Flue Gas Desulphurization Plant and construction of the Cooling System of the new Unit, also construction of the system for residues preparation and transport.

The facilities will be located on the north side of the Unit 6. Solutions of residues preparation should permit adequate storage in terms of reliable operation and commercial exploitation of the fly ash and gypsum.

At construction the verified technologies in the field of residues transport and preparation, tested in practice, will be applied.

In June 2013 Rudis completed the supply and assembly of the rubber pipe conveyor from the Mixing plant of Unit 4 (‘CGT4’) and handed it over to the Employer for operation. The system of residues preparation and transport should be ready for trial run in September 2014.


Termoelektrarna Šoštanj
Completion date:
Scope of works:

The Contract with the Employer was signed in October 2012 according to the »turnkey principle«.

Technology description:


Construction of the system of preparation and transport of residues of the Unit 6 includes the following:

  • Slag transport, comprising slag transport from the slag remover in the boiler house of Unit 6 to the screening & crushing facility for slag, slag storage in silo and feeding on the rubber pipe conveyor.
  • Pneumatic transport of fly ash and coarse ash to the ash silo.


  • Gypsum suspension drying and storage of dried gypsum in the gypsum silo, loading of wagons/trucks for sale.

  • Mixing plant for fly ash and gypsum suspension, feeding of stabilized material on the rubber pipe conveyor. 
  • Transport of slag and stabilized material to the provisional storage area by means of rubber pipe conveyors.



Description of works:

Rudis started implementing the project by designing phase. We submitted the construction bases to the Employer, made calculations of by-products production balances and elaborated the complete design documentation for execution of contractual works as well as all the necessary workshop documentation.

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