Good engineering is created by individuals excelling by their creativeness and commitment to their profession.


Employees with a variety of professional knowledge and experience are confronted with diverse projects and personal challenges. But they all have something in common, namely the decision to achieve the goal and the ability of creative  cooperation.

Consequently they altogether form a unique team able to surpass the boundaries of possible.


Rudis is a correct employer and business partner


As much as two thirds of the company's employees boast university or higher education and the majority of them are also constantly attending additional education and training courses. Within its many years' practice Rudis managed to develop a unique team work, enabling efficacy and decisive advantage on the market.


Systematic promotion of education and regular measurement of job performance are closely connected to Rudis' development vision and enable a long-term fulfilment of its business goals.

Rudis’ staff number is approximately 70 which remains the target number of employees also in the future. The company practices an active scholarship policy. Young engineers proven as good designers are given employment at the company. 


We are currently not looking for new staff



General Manager M. Sc. ANDREJ GORJUP

I chose the management style based on my own example. So I can trust my co-workers.

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