Energetics has been the most important Rudis' activity for many years.

At establishing its long-term business strategy Rudis already in the nineties of the previous century perceived the key orientations of technological development and social needs in the field of energetics. Due to its specific know-how and capabilities to manage demanding projects Rudis chose energetics as one of its key market segments. By implementation of numerous large-scope and technologically demanding projects Rudis has proven several times that the selected development orientation is the right one. Some projects are standing out for uniqueness and innovative solutions. But all of them confirm Rudis’ wide-range competences for construction of projects in the field of energetics.

Rudis integrates advanced technologies in construction of energy plants.

Rudis has been constructing Thermo- and Hydro-Power Plants. In the field of hydro- and thermo-energetics Rudis has been realising construction, reconstruction, revitalisation and ecological rehabilitation of energy plants, as well as extension of technological equipment.


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