CHPP 2 in the Heating Plant Polaj Trbovlje

In the Heating Plant Polaj Rudis in the year 2009 implemented already the second Cogeneration Unit with gas motor, having the output power 3,039 kW of electrical energy and 2,937 kW of thermal energy. Rudis implemented the first Cogeneration Unit for combined heat and power generating in this Heating Plant in the year 2006, and in the year 2008 also heat reservoirs for optimization of the Heating Plant operating.  

Combined heat and power generation, briefly called also cogeneration, and the related district heating more and more frequently appear as an alternative possibility of covering the energy needs.

Nowadays, at constantly increasing energy demand all over the world and more and more limited sources of energy, energy saving and efficient energy use are more important than ever so far. By such combined generating we achieve greater efficiency of fuels and thus lower environmental burdening, which is of great importance from the national economic point of view. Combined Heat and Power Plants for heat and power, and lately also cool, generating are Rudis’ target projects for its marketing activities in the future.

Javno podjetje Komunala Trbovlje d.o.o.
Completion date:
Scope of works:

Designing, supply and assembly of mechanical and electrical equipment, construction works, computer supervisory system, testing and commissioning, elaboration of Operation and Maintenance Instructions for the plant, staff training.

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