Container Gas Power Plant in the Waste Management Centre Puconci

The small Gas Power Plant at the Non-Hazardous Municipal Waste Dump Puconci is a power plant for combined generating of power and heat. It is powered by the Waste Dump gas produced during decay of biodegradable waste on the Waste Dump. In the long term the quality of the Waste Dump gas is appropriate for its sound energy utilization in the mode of combustion in the gas motor for combined power and heat generating. Due to negative influence of the Waste Dump gas on the atmosphere and underground water,

its use for energy purposes is becoming more and more important and economic which is evident also from numerous cases of its use in various countries in Europe and all over the world. In EU countries on average 60 percent of the recovered Waste Dump gas is subject to energy utilization. During operation of the Power Plant at the Waste Dump the risk of explosion, quantity of smell and effective emission of greenhouse gases are reduced.

Center za ravnanje z odpadki Puconci d.o.o. (CEROP d.o.o.)
Completion date:
Scope of works:

The Power Plant consists of the gas motor with mounted generator for combined generating of 330 kW power and 345 kW heat, transformer station, synchronizing device, interconnection pipeline and auxiliary installations, devices and equipment. The generated power will primarily be used for self-off-take by facilities on the location of CEROP, and the remaining part will be supplied to the electric power network as surplus. The generated heat will partially be used for heating of the air under silos at the Waste Dump, and the excess heat will in the first phase be emitted into environment. And later the Employer will construct greenhouses where the excessively generated heat will be beneficially used for heating thereof.

In the project scope also reconstruction of the existing compact gas pump with torch is planned so that its operating together with the new Gas Power Plant will be possible. Contractual works comprise implementation of construction, mechanical and electrical works, as well as supply and assembly of installations, devices and equipment, commissioning, trial run and training of the User’s staff for handling the Co-generation Unit, and its 10-year servicing and maintenance.

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