Elaboration of preliminary design, bulding permit documentation and final design for energy plants – trigeneration in the ERA City complex, Macedonia.

The project included elaboration of the preliminary design, building permit documentation and final design for the energy plant of the Business-Trade Centre ERA City in Skopje. The energy plant consists of three gas boilers of total power 13 MW, 8 chillers - power 17.9 MW and Combined Heat and Power Plant with output power 6,000 kW and 5,400 kW.  

In the energy plant there are Units and equipment for combined generating of heat and power, gas boilers for heat generation and chillers for preparation of chilled water for cooling, namely three Cogeneration Units with gas motor, each of nominal power 2 MW and 1.8 MW, which jointly provide 6MW of electrical energy and 5.4 MW of thermal energy, two gas boilers, each of nominal power 5 MW of thermal energy - in total 10 MW, one gas boiler of nominal power 3 MW of thermal energy, three absorption chillers, each of nominal power 1.25 MW of cool - in total 3.75 MW, two centrifugal chillers, each of nominal power 4 MW of cool - in total 8 MW, three screwed chillers, each of nominal power 2 MW of cool – in total 6 MW.

The stated trigeneration system, gas boilers and chillers cover the needs of heat for heating and sanitary water, generate electrical energy for sale to the electric power system and if necessary also for power supply to all consumers in the complex as well as for the needs of cool for cooling of all buildings at the location of ERA City.

ERA Velenje
Completion date:
Scope of works:

Elaboration of the project documentation: preliminary design, building permit documentation, final design, all in accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Macedonia.

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