Extension and energy rehabilitation of Dolinca Kindergarten in Hrastnik

In the year 2014 the decrepit Dolinca Kindergarten in Hrastnik was reconstructed after many years. In addition to energy renovation the works comprised also construction of a 60 sq.m. multi-purpose room. The new covered atriums enable outdoor living irrespective of weather conditions.

Energy rehabilitation will bring also significantly lower costs of kindergarten heating.   At performance of works we took into consideration all environmental aspects in accordance with the Regulation on Green Public Procurement.

Občina Hrastnik
Completion date:
Scope of works:
  • Replacement of the roof covering and thermal insulation of the attic
  • Replacement of builders’ joinery
  • Execution of new esters with thermal insulation
  • Execution of the underfloor heating and replacement of heating bodies
  • Rehabilitation of the water supply network
  • Rehabilitation of the heating station
  • Construction of an extension to the kindergarten
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