Hail Bakery in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

For the Client Bühler from Switzerland Rudis supplies the steel structures and the polyester silos for storage of raw materials and performs the installation of all technological equipment for the new Hail Bakery in Saudi Arabia.   The project involves the design and construction of a new fit for specified purpose Baking Plant consisting of a Bread Line, Buns and Rolls Line and Pastry Line for puffs and croissants.   Capacities of individual Lines are as follows:

  • Bread Line: 9,200 Loaves per Hour.
  • Buns: 55,000 pcs per hour,
  • Cluster Rolls: 48,600 pcs per hour,
  • Cheese/Jam Filled Individual Sandwich Rolls (Jumbo): 40,500 pcs per hour,
  • Cheese/Jam Filled Individual Sandwich Rolls (Midi): 48,600 pcs per hour,
  • Cheese/Jam Filled Individual Sandwich Rolls (Mini): 64,800 pcs per hour,
  • Pastry Line: 42,000 pcs per hour (Puffs) & 32,000 pcs per hour (Croissant)

For implementation of the installation Rudis had to organize and set a "stand-alone" campsite with its own power source for the production of energy and its distribution, water supply and sewerage system and the protection system.  

The installation started in July this year, and all works will have to be completed until the beginning of May 2016.

Bühler AG, Uzwill, Švica
Completion date:
Scope of works:

the design, supply, installation and commissioning of: - a flour handling system from loading of silos, storage, transfer to day bins, transfer from day bins to intermediate hopper of mixing systems

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