Installation of new gas motor in the Heating Plant Polaj

Installation of a new gas motor in the Heating Plant Polaj is the most important project of the company Komunala Trbovlje in the year 2014. The Heating Plant Polaj is equipped with two Combined Heat and Power Plants, each generating 3 MW of power and 3 MW of heat; both CHPPs were implemented by RUDIS. The first of gas Co-generation Units has been in operation since 2005, and the second since 2009. In the year 2008 RUDIS erected also the heat storage reservoirs with the purpose of Heating Plant optimization.

With the new Co-generation Unit of 1 MW power and 1 MW heat the Heating Plant Polaj will satisfy lower needs for heat in the summer time and thus decrease operating losses. Compared to separate power generating the simultaneous recovery of natural gas for heat and power generating is extremely efficient from the energy point of view, as it enables considerable energy savings and decrease in energy supply costs. Thus also carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions into atmosphere are reduced.

Javno podjetje Komunala Trbovlje d.o.o.
Completion date:
Scope of works:

Installation of a new gas Co-generation Unit, performance of construction works, and supply and assembly of mechanical and electrical equipment with control and monitoring system.

In October 2014 the new Co-generation Unit will be put into operation and progressively included in the heating network of the Heating Plant Polaj and in the electric power network of the Republic of Slovenia.

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