Maintenance works on unit in HPP Plave 2

In July 2020, Rudis signed a contract for implementation of maintenance works on Unit of hydro power plant Plave 2 with the Employer SENG d.o.o.

Maintenance works on generator and turbine was performed in August and September 2020. Revision of excitation system was performed at the same time. Power plant was put back in operation in the first half of September.

Completion date:
Scope of works:
  • Inspections and testing prior to generator disassembly
  • Disassembly of generator
  • Inspections and testing after generator disassembly
  • Maintenance works on turbine
  • Installation of generator
  • Inspections and testing during installation and start-up of generator
  • Elaboration of expert detailed report and audit of excitation system
  • Supply of spare parts
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