Reconstruction of the Hydro-Power Plant Doblar 1 on the Soča river

By reconstruction of the HPP Doblar 1 Rudis confirms its reputation of a specialist in construction and refurbishment of Hydro-Power Plants

HPP Doblar 1 is an accumulation-derivation Hydro-Power Plant, which is jointly with the HPP Doblar 2 in operation depending on availability of the Soča flows, also in peak operation, with the possibility of flow levelling in the Podselo dam.

Three vertical Units of the HPP Doblar 1 with Francis turbine and synchronous generator had been in operation since the year 1939, and equipment of Units as well as other mechanical equipment were worn out and obsolete.

Equipment replacement was urgently necessary for reliable and safe operating of the Hydro-Power Plant also in the future.

In the past Rudis already constructed Hydro-Power Plants Doblar 2 and Plave 2. Excellent implementation of the reference projects and reputation of a reliable and correct partner enabled Rudis to be awarded, jointly with the Consortium partner Litostroj Power, also reconstruction of the HPP Doblar 1.


Soške elektrarne Nova Gorica d.o.o.
Completion date:
Scope of works:

Replacement of all three Units of the Hydro-Power Plant, each of 16 MVA nominal power, including the accompanying construction works.

Description of works:

The Contract includes model test performing, project documentation elaboration, equipment fabrication and delivery, existing equipment disassembly, new equipment assembly and performance of testing and commissioning with contractual trial run.

Reconstruction of the Hydro-Power Plant is going on successively per individual Units, which at replacement of one Unit permits untroubled operating of the other two and thus electrical energy generating.

Works at reconstruction of the first Unit started in the year 2010, and from September 2011 the stated Unit has been supplying electrical energy to the Slovenian electric power network at full power. The last Unit will be put into operation in the year 2013.

Technical data:

Total installed power: 30 MW

Annual output: 150,000 MWh


Number of Units: 3

Turbine type: Francis, vertical

Turbine nominal rotation speed: 300 min-1

Maximum flow through turbine: 33.00 m3/s

Turbine nominal power: 9,350 MW

Maximum power: 13,315 MW

Runaway speed: 600 min-1


Number: 3, three phase synchronous

Nominal power: 16 kVA

Nominal interphase voltage: 10.5 kVA

Nominal cos φ: 0.80

Nominal frequency: 50 Hz

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