Replacement of generators in Hydro-Power Plant Plave 1

In the year 2014 Rudis, as leading partner of Consortium RUDIS – KONČAR, signed the Contract for the supply and erection of generators for HPP Plave 1 – LOT G

HPP Plave 1 on the Soča river is accumulation derivational hydro-power plant.   Jointly with the HPP Plave 2 it operates depending on the available discharges at base load or peak load, synchronized with the front end HPP Doblar.

Reconstruction of HPP Plave 1 consists mainly of replacement of generators with excitation systems and clapped-out electrical equipment (transformer block, MW switchgear, own use), placed in the premises of machine house cavern and in auxiliary premises of existing buildings.


Soške elektrarne Nova Gorica d.o.o.
Completion date:
Scope of works:

Replacement of two generators of Hydro-Power Plant including the accompanying construction works

Description of works:

The contractual works include the project documentation elaboration, dismantling of existing equipment, manufacturing, delivery and erection of new equipment as well as commissioning and trial run of the following items of replacement of two generators with excitation systems (LOT G):

  • Generators,
  • Excitation system, 
  • Generator terminals and neutral point housing,
  • Closed cooling system,
  • Sensors for generator monitoring system.

The generators will be manufactured by the renowned Croatian manufacturer – RUDIS’ partner in Consortium – company KONČAR.  The contract works will be performed in the way, that one unit operates throughout; exception is interruption of operation of both units of approximately 5.5 months. In accordance with Contract’s stipulations the generator 2 will be replaced first and will be followed by generator 1.

Contract works will be completed in the second half of the year 2017.


Technical data:

Data on Units in power-plant:

Installed flow (max): 75 m3/s
Turbine: 2 x Kaplan with vertical shaft
Generator: 2 x three phase synchronous
Total installed power: 15 MW
Annual output: 80,000 MWh


Number: 2, three phase synchronous
Active power: 9,14 MW
Nominal interphase voltage: 10.5 kV
Rated speed: 300 rpm
Nominal frequency: 50 Hz


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