Study for reduction of sulphur oxides and dust from REK “Bitola”

Elaboration of the study consists of two phases, namely:  

  • Estimation of technical, economical and financial justification for reduction of SOx and dust from REK “Bitola” by preparation of comparative analysis for wet, semi-dry and dry procedure for desulphurization and decreasing of dust with electrostatic precipitator, bag filter or combined filter;
  • Development of a feasibility study for selected technology for reduction of SOx and dust, including additional technological solutions for decreasing of emissions emitted from REK Bitola.

According to the current EU norms the permitted emissions of SOx in flue gases shall be less than 200 mg/Nm3 (on existing thermal power plants 400 mg/Nm3) and are applicable to all member states. Other countries are also obliged to observe these regulations.

The devices for cleaning and reduction of harmful emissions in flue gases mean the cost in terms of investment as well as operation for the user, but they are absolutely necessary for the environmental acceptability of energy production from fossil fuels.


AD Elektrani na Makedonija, Skopje, Republika Makedonija
Completion date:
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