Technological reconstruction of Topolšica system to the indirect system with a new Central Energy Plant (CEP) - Pohrastnik 14MW

The subject of the Project was construction of a new Heating Station on the hot water pipeline of the TPP Šoštanj - Topolšica, which serves for thermal heating of the Topolšica city and Pohrastnik settlement.

The temperature relief of the existing district heating and more rational operating of the stated section of the distribution system were also achieved.

Mestna občina Velenje in Občina Šoštanj
Completion date:
Scope of works:

Civil-finishing works:

  • construction of the Plant of dimensions 12.20 x 10.20 m and height 5.45 m in reinforced concrete execution including building-up of walls,
  • connecting culvert between the power shaft and the building,
  • landscaping.

Supply and assembly of mechanical technological equipment:

  • pumps,
  • plate heat exchangers with the nominal power 7 MW,
  • pressure maintenance system, system refurbishment and degasification,
  • control valves,
  • connecting pipelines,
  • measuring-regulation equipment,
  • mechanical-civil installations.

Supply and assembly of electrical equipment:

  • connection to the public electric power network,
  • power box for power supply to technological consumers,
  • power box for power supply to consumers of civil installations,
  • control box with built-in controller,
  • arrangement of control system with remote control,
  • electrical-civil installations.

Obtainment of permits
Employer’s staff training
Trial run


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