General overhaul in PSPP Avče

Rudis together with HM Hydro Japan carried out works on the general overhaul of turbine and generator in pumped-storage hydropower plant Avče on the Soča River

We have executed the complete disassembly of generator by pulling out 280 tonnes rotor.

We have already also executed the most demanding phase of disassembly, i.e. lifting half of turbine cover through stator of generator.

One half weighs 24 tonnes, gap between cover and stator is less than 100mm.

During the overhaul, measures were being implemented that contributed to increased safety and reliability of power plant's operation. 

General overhaul was completed in the May 2019 by implementation of trial run and control measurements.


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Soške elektrarne d.o.o. Nova Gorica
Completion date:
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